Malawi visit Oslo

On 13th of April 2018, an ICDP meeting was arranged with Paul Mmanjamwada in Oslo, Norway.

Paul is one of Malawi’s four ICDP trainers who were trained through the project called “Psychosocial Support for orphans and vulnerable Children” which was developed in the period from 2007 to 2013. Since then Paul has achieved the formidable task of integrating the ICDP programme as a permanent part of the strategic plan by the Malawi Norwegian Church Aid organization. 

The Friday meeting gathered a team of people interested in ICDP. Some had previously been involved in the ICDP project in Malawi, but in addition there were professionals interested in possible future ICDP developments, particularly in the area of research. 

Participants came from different institutions:
- Norwegian Church Aid, Malawi and Norway
- The Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs
- Regional center for children and young people's mental health
- University of Oslo
- Oslo municipality
- VID Specialized University

Paul's presentation showed ICDP work to be still going very well in Malawi. Several of the Norwegian Church Aid partners received ICDP through existing projects and this makes ICDP more sustainable, particularly from the financial point of view. Alinafe Community Hospital has become a pioneer, as a result of their brilliant work. The Nutrition Unit at Alinafe seems to be particularly effective in using ICDP.

Paul concluded his presentation by expressing a wish to document the ICDP accomplishments in Malawi and this led the participants to discuss ways of forging new partnerships and obtaining funding for research projects in Malawi . The meeting had a networking aspect allowing some time for participants to mingle and get in contact with each other; Paul got e-mail addresses of all the participants. 

My personal hope is that the meeting managed to inspire everyone and that it may bring new opportunities to document the ICDP work in Malawi.
Paul is happy to get in contact with researchers and can be contacted at: 

All the best from Norway!
by Line Constance Holmsen, ICDP trainer and PhD student at VID Specialized University