Network meeting in Ethiopia

A network meeting took place in Awasa in October 2016.

The meeting gathered ICDP facilitators who have been involved in ICDP over the last two years. It was an opportunity to go through and review different ICDP topics. Several newly trained facilitators received their ICDP diplomas. All attendees received copies of Karsten Hundeide's book in Amaric; it was photocopied as due to financial constraints it could not be professionally printed. One of the highlights was to hear the stories from some of the mothers who participated in the ICDP course and who came to share their experiences with others at the meeting. 

For example, one of the mothers said that before attending ICDP she did not give much attention to her son and had not followed his lead, but now after participating in the ICDP group meetings she started to follow his initiatives and to give him a lot more attention. Another mother said that when her child cried she would neglect him, but now after attending the ICDP course she started to feel empathy towards her child and is able to respond immediately giving her prompt attention; she also said that she now spends more time talking and providing explanations to her child about different things and situations.

"There was a lot of enthusiasm for the ICDP programme and representatives from a new organization showed interest in receiving ICDP. It was moving to hear the mothers share their experiences and to see that they are appreciating the knowledge they received. All the facilitators showed to be committed - they expressed their wish to continue with ICDP training and we made plans for a workshop to take place in February 2017. And a new group of trainees will embark on their training in the spring 2017". - Atnaf Berhanu, ICDP trainer.