Network meeting in San Salvador

Second meeting of the Latin American ICDP Network took place in San Salvador, El Salvador, coordinated by ISNA, UNICEF and ICDP.

During the week from 5th to 9th of November 2018, the Second Meeting of the Latin American ICDP Network took place at the Maquilishuat Hall, Hotel Mediterráneo Plaza, San Salvador.

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On 5th of November 2018, the inauguration of this event was held at the "San Oscar Arnulfo Romero" hall, in San Vicente de Paúl, San Jacinto, San Salvador, El Salvador.

In addition to members of the ICDP network, the inauguration was also attended by Elda Gladis Tobar, the Executive Director of the Salvadoran Institute for the Integral Development of Children and Adolescents (ISNA); Nadine Perrault, the Representative of UNICEF of El Salvador; Ticas Vice, the Minister of Health; Luis Roberto Flores Hidalgo, Vice Minister of Social Prevention; Erick Romero, the Representative of EDUCO; and Jaime Chinchilla from the PNC (National Civil Police).

ICDP participants came from Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, England, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Nicaragua, Brazil, Paraguay and El Salvador. The five day event was attended by representatives from the following institutions in El Salvador: National Civil Police, UNICEF, EDUCO, ISNA, SOS Villages, MINED, Integral Childhood and Save the Children.

The meeting learned about the work carried out by different governmental and non-governmental institutions that had added the implementation of the ICDP programme in their ongoing projects or programmes.

The 3 main objectives of the meeting were to:
• Maintain "live the ICDP flame" by holding international or regional meetings periodically;
• Inform about the progress of the application of the ICDP programme;
• Establish new goals and intervention strategies.

The achievements in the region are impressive and high numbers of people have benefited from the content and tools of the ICDP programme. Throughout the meeting, participants witnessed the versatility of the methodology and also the ability of facilitators to reach out and assist families living in complex and difficult situations. It was moving to see how many lives had gone through positive transformations thanks to ICDP. 

El Salvador is a country in which the ICDP programme has been inserted into public policies and at national level. In 2018, the national police started to receive ICDP training and members of the police have delivered ICDP to different communities with success. This year, the work on the adaptation of the ICDP pack of material for use with families of adolescents was carried under the guidance of Nicoletta Armstrong and this material will be published by UNICEF El Salvador in early 2019. It will be offered to other countries in the region, as many are already working with adolescent population.

On the fourth day participants went on a field visit to the City of Childhood and Adolescence in the department of Santa Ana and afterwards enjoyed a tour of the Lake Coatepeque.

A declaration of commitments and projections for the implementation of ICDP was formulated and agreed by all present on the last day. The closing ceremony included cultural displays and dancing.

Presentations from different countries confirmed that ICDP is still alive and that it is having a significant impact where it is being implemented, leading to changes in those who participate in the ICDP training processes.