A viewpoint from a facilitator in Ukraine

Maria Korobova is an educator in a private secondary specialized school in Kiev, Ukraine.

During the first week of November 2017 Maria travelled to Kharkiv to attend her second ICDP training workshop and she is now starting to implement the ICDP programme with a group of parents.

The main reason for starting her ICDP training was her wish to spread the programme at the school where she is currently employed. Maria explains:

“The problem I see is that caregivers and educators do not have any special knowledge about working with children in ways that would provide for their proper development. University education in Ukraine does not teach about methods of interaction with children and there are no specialized courses for caregivers at the school levels either - but demands on caregivers and teachers are very high.  Therefore there is a need to improve the system of education for caregivers and educators in order to ensure their positive, beneficial and healthy influence on children. ICDP could be useful as a tool for caregivers and teachers at our school.

Children enter virtual reality easily in our modern society, but find it hard to exit from it. Internet era gives wide information availability, but it is very important to preserve individuality and self-awareness. Smartphones, computer games, social media internet networks in middle and high school all have a strong impact on separating children from normal communication with each other and their family members. Children do not seem to understand the value of family life and are not aware of their own needs for love and understanding from their parents. ICDP could be useful to sensitize children too.

The work of caregivers and teachers will have no effect without parents’ participation. I see this in the school where I work. Parents provide children with material things, while love and care are pushed in the background. Schools should work together with parents. ICDP is needed in this context in order to sensitize parents about aspects of good parenting and interaction with children. I plan to involve parents of the children in my class. It is important for parents to understand about children's development and behaviour and about their role as parents.