New paper on ICDP in Choco, Colombia

The evaluation of the ICDP project in Choco, Colombia has shown that ICDP seems effective in reducing violence.

Here is the link to this article which was published in the Sage Journal of Interpersonal Violence:

Evaluation of Parenting Interventions to Prevent Violence Against Children in Colombia: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar, Lorraine Sherr, Ana Macedo, Stephen von Tetzchner, Knut Inge Fostervold


The effects of the International Child Development Programme (ICDP) and the specific addition of a violence prevention module were observed in a pre-identified population in Colombia where children are experiencing high levels of violence.

Participants were 176 parents of 3- to 4-year-olds attending child centers who were randomly allocated to one of three conditions: organized Community Activities at child centers and ICDP (CA + ICDP), CA, ICDP, and a preventive Violence Curriculum (CA + ICDP + VC), or a comparison group with only CA. The parents completed questionnaires about corporal punishment, intimate partner violence, community violence, and mental health at baseline and at 6 months follow-up.

Univariate logistic regressions were used to examine uses of child violence, predictors of intimate partner violence, and prevalence of mental health problems.

McNemar tests were used to assess differences between intervention groups and comparison group at two different time points. Participants were mostly female (78.5%) and had an average age of 32 years. Among these, 58.5% had been exposed to community violence and 98.3% reported using physical assault to discipline their children.

Reported prevalence of child violence decreased in all groups whereas the reduction of severe forms of violence was larger for the intervention groups, and especially for the CA + ICDP + VC group.

There was a significant reduction of victimization of intimate partner violence in both intervention groups as well as a decrease in mental health problems, especially for the CA + ICDP group (from 22.4% to 5.1%).

The general ICDP seems effective in reducing violence. The addition of a specific violence intervention component seemed to reduce intimate partner violence, but not violence related to children. The comparison group attending the child center and other social activities also reported reduced violence but to a lesser extent than the groups who attended specific interventions.