Nordic Network Conference

The Nordic network meets once a year and this year the conference is taking place on the 9th and 10th of May, in Stockholm.

The conference is called “Dialogue and Democracy” and its central theme will be to explore the democratic and ethical basis of the ICDP programme. (Photo above - conference venue in Aronsborg)

Main topics of the conference:
- What democracy has to do with ICDP guiding interaction
- How cultural tools shape learning processes 
- How creative processes can protect and help
- Research and evaluation of the Nordic programme

The conference's principal lecturer Roger Säljö is a Professor of pedagogical psychology and director of the Linné Center for Learning and Media at the University of Gothenburg, funded by the Swedish Research Council. He will lecture on how learning processes are shaped by the cultural tools developed in a society. Säljö is one of the researchers and writers in the north that Karsten Hundeide used to refer to. His contribution is important for understanding how learning develops between people and in people's encounter with cultural tools in everyday life as well as during educational activities.

Tommie Haglund, a Swedish composer with international reputation, will highlight the importance of creation to overcome pain and disease. In connection with his lectures, Elisabeth Löfberg Haglund, music teacher and Tommie Känsloresan, will present a book with exercises in which music is used to help train children to express and understand their feelings.

In addition participants of this conference will learn a lot about the work of ICDP that has taken place in several fields in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. On the first day the focus will be on presenting a systematized experience and a number of research reports on the ICDP programme.

The conference is a good opportunity to meet others who work in the Nordic region, find out about their ICDP work, generate new ideas on how to use the programme and perhaps also get inspired to initiate new joint projects!


Follow this link to read Democracy: Freedom to Become, a paper from 2012 by Nicoletta Armstrong exploring a philosophical approach to ICDP and democracy: