Older people to benefit from ICDP

In addition to delivering a sensitization programme for adult caregivers and parents, the new ICDP project is also training young people to use ICDP in relation to the elderly.

This project is developing in the municipality of Cañasgordas, Antioquia, Colombia and is running from June to December 2016.

Cañasgordas is a township located in western Antioquia, 133 kilometres from the city of Medellin and it has a total of 67 villages and 3 districts, with a population of 17 763 inhabitants. The core business activities are oriented towards agriculture, livestock and mining. The percentage of the population under 18 years with respect to the total population in Cañasgordas for 2010, according to projections DANE, is 43.37%. The population over 60 years in the municipality amounts to 2050 people, there are also 50 organized groups of elderly distributed in rural and urban areas.
"The inhabitants of Cañasgordas are victims of the internal armed conflict and displacement and this means that their lives are plagued by terrorist acts, attacks, fighting, harassment, threats, crimes against freedom and sexual integrity, forced disappearance, forced displacement, killings, massacres, landmines, kidnapping, torture, forced involvement of children and adolescents in conflict, forced abandonment of land and dispossession, among other." (Development Plan 2012-2015: Progress of the field and the development of the people).

The municipality has a high poverty rate (50%), high unemployment and juvenile drug addiction are among challenges that must be addressed and there are frequent cases of violence towards children, many of them generated by educational and cultural practices that are passed down from generation to generation.

It is in this context that the ICDP project seeks to implement its strategies to improve the living conditions of children, young people and the elderly, by strengthening the social fabric to help create protective environments leading to a better quality of life.

An ICDP work plan was formulated together with the Centre for Social Protection Mila Gutierrez Perez (Care for the Elderly), the municipal programme for the elderly and the local educational institutions, aimed at promoting within families and communities, good quality relationships and good treatment.

The project objectives are to:
1. Empower and train a core group of 8 professionals and 30 young people as ICDP facilitators 
2. Apply the ICDP method in relation to a group of 50 older adults and their caregivers in order to promote good quality care.
3. Sensitize the community through advocacy and training in the ICDP principles, to develop emotionally sensitive, enriching and stimulating interactions between parents and children and to generate positive relationships among family members.
4. Reactivate native parenting practices and children, capturing the fun and play as effective tools of interaction between adults and children.

During June and July 2016, two ICDP trainers, Abel Salazar and Sergio Osorio, ran a series of workshops for a group of 8 facilitators (photo above) and introduction seminars were held for 30 young people. In addition, there were two workshops for a group of 80 caregivers whose work is with children and adults who have a disability (photo below). They were conducted by a professional volunteer, Monica Maria Berrio Zapata. The workshop focused on: a) understanding the difficulties people with disability are faced with; b) providing care and good treatment for people with disability and c) how to promote non-stigmatization of these conditions.

ICDP has also reached the town of Itagui, Antioquia, where ICDP training was given to a group of professionals from two colleges, Institución educativa Loma Linda and Institución educativa Luis Carlos Galán. In future, they will offer ICDP courses to the pupils' parents.