ICDP pilot project in Pachacamac

Since the beginning of November 2016, sixteen parents have been attending the ICDP course in Pachacamac, an area situated near Lima, in Peru.

The meetings are held outdoors or in a small house without furniture or any equipment. The parents that attend the ICDP group have children whose ages range between 10 months and 12 years old. Pachacamac is a very poor community in an arid area and the difficulties that the families have to face due to lack of water affected some of the participants. In spite of that, the ICDP work is being carried out in a good way. The ICDP meetings take place mostly on Sundays. The group is lead by ICDP trainers, Honorata Herrera and Sofia Mazzini.

The trainers reported that the ICDP programme is having a positive impact on this group of parents:

• Parents identified good parenting practices.

• They recognized the importance of allocating time to play with their children.

• The group concluded that by showing love, and through verbal and non verbal communication they are now able to guide and enrich their children's experiences.

• One of the guidelines that had the most impact on the parents was "Follow the initiative of the child" - the group reflected a great deal on this and tried to put it in practice at home in relation to their children. This new experience made them happy.

• The topic of "providing meaning to the child's experience" was explored and practiced by participants with some of their children who attended the meetings. The immediate impact on the children could be evidenced by their concentration and interest in what their parents were showing and explaining to them.

• In relation to the regulative dialogue, parents became aware of the importance of offering explanations and providing alternatives for what is not allowed - and doing it with a loving firmness so that the children understand and learn to regulate their own behavior. Parents discovered that they can help children chart their goals and guide them step by step to achieve them.

• Parents expressed that the ICDP guidelines make parenting easier, reducing stress and increasing their self-confidence.

• Some parents stated that they realized that they had not been good parents with their older children, but now they were glad to be learning about the ICDP guidelines for good interaction and are happy to be attending the ICDP workshops to become better parents for their younger children.

• Some parents have stated that they are very interested in continuing the ICDP course next year at facilitator level. They also said that they intend to invite their neighbours to join the ICDP parent meetings.