Plans for Bolivia

ICDP work plan for the second half of the year...

The plan is to carry out a follow-up and monitoring of the ICDP teams who were trained in 2017-2018 in order to keep the flame alive in the local networks and to obtain feedback from the facilitators through a training event with the ICDP trainer in Cochabamba. During the second half of 2018, parents and caregivers will continue to be strengthened in their capacities to interact positively with children under the age of 12, reactivating principles and values that contribute to children’s psychosocial development.

Specific goals:

Training of 190 parents and caregivers in 4 municipalities, achieving significant changes in the interaction with their children 

19 facilitators who received training in the first semester of 2018 will receive support and reinforcement to develop their second self-training activities

Strengthen work with young people in educational institutions

Hold workshop for facilitators in Cochabamba to strengthen the ICDP network in Bolivia

Assessment of the process of implementation:
Efforts will be made to reach parents as effectively as possible for their feedback,  the following techniques will be used:
1. Group work
2. Interview
3. Survey
4. Dialogue
5. Dynamics of animation, reflection and evaluation
The above-mentioned techniques will allow the evaluation of the ICDP programme to be carried out in a quantitative and qualitative manner. The aim is to identify barriers that hinder good adult-child interaction and to define expected changes in our target population regarding the relationship caregiver - child.

Facilitators' logbooks will also provide useful information. Virtual meetings will be held with the team of facilitators to consolidate the information and prepare the initial and final reports.

As a result of an agreement between ICDP, the Lutheran Church and the PEFAC "Educational project, Family and Community", the ICDP programme strengthened the competences of local agents at ICDP facilitator and trainer levels, to guide families in practices of positive and harmonious interaction with their children in the municipalities of Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Potossi and Sucre. Nine PEFAC project agents  became ICDP trainers and they organized facilitators groups who voluntarily transmitted the programme to families, reaching 328 families as direct beneficiaries that impacted 984 children.