Report from ICDP China

ICDP report, by Jean Qin, ICDP China leader, Kunming, 29th of September 2018.

ICDP in China has been continually expanding rapidly through different approaches.

The trainers in Kunming conducted training for 63 new facilitators who all received their ICDP certificates; 280 caregivers attended ICDP courses and 3327 children will benefit from ICDP. It is planned for more facilitators and caregivers to complete their training.

In 2018, ICDP China expended its work to reach two new provinces, Sichuan and Guizhou, where the target groups are leaders and staff in the Children’s Home, as well as local kindergarten teachers. Participants loved the ICDP training and as a result the local kindergarten invited ICDP facilitators to establish long term cooperation.

At college level, an ICDP pilot project was established for master degree students from the department for social work. ICDP trainers, Mrs. Gao Wanghong, the Dean of the department and Mr. Wang Menghu, the teacher of the department, conducted training for 20 master graduates in June, 2018. All participants got the ICDP diplomas and were invited by the government to run 8 ICDP meetings for caregivers from poor families in communities and in children’s homes. A total of 36 families and 60 children benefited from the meetings; 13 social workers from the children’s homes attended the training and 500 children benefit from it. The pilot project will be considered as a bridge to link ICDP to the community social service system in China.

On June 24th 2018, the ICDP China forum was held in Kunming and it was attended by 50 people, including facilitators, trainers, and football coaches for children. The aim of the forum was to encourage sharing and to exchange experiences. Jean Qin, the ICDP China leader presented the latest news about the work of ICDP in other countries and areas. The representatives of the college, of different local communities and of the Women’s federation all presented their ICDP work and its outcome, as well as challenges of running ICDP training in China. The forum also invited some professionals to talk on participatory teaching and effective communication and to give a short capacity building session to the participants.

The ICDP China annual forum for year 2018 will take place on Nov 12th-13th.

Karsten Hundeide’s book, "The Essence of Human Care: an introduction to the ICDP programme" (Part one and Part two) and the ICDP booklet for caregivers" I am a person "by Karsten Hundeide and Nicoletta Armstrong, were both translated into Chinese in 2015. After three years of hard work this material was put into one training text-book and it is ready for publishing – it will be printed by the 15th of October, 2018.