Roda Viva report

ICDP Portugal continues to use the ICDP tools in the project called “Roda Viva” in the area of Lisbon called Alfragide.

ICDP is currently helping the caregivers to deal with 168 children and young people with a constructive and positive pedagogical and humanitarian approach.
However, many of the children’s parents and extended families are not complementing our effort and co-operating with us, the way we would have hoped.  Most are really needy people from difficult backgrounds, multicultural families fighting for their survival. Many do not have time to attend ICDP monthly meetings. Those who come are benefiting as well as collaborating to the best of their abilities. Portugal, as many other countries, are facing a general crisis, and many families, particularly those from lower social backgrounds find themselves in drastic life situations.

The Roda Viva Project has a new intervention ‘wing’, comprised of a professional team of 6 therapists from several different fields, who support and help children to overcome some recurrent developmental deficits, that are affecting quite a lot of children, both in our project, and in schools and other educational institutions for children. The ICDP programme is the main intervention tool:
 - All professional caregivers and therapists are trained in ICDP, including all newly employed professionals who are selected to replace someone, or are engaged in providing assistance to find solutions to an emerging need.
- There are monthly meetings with all professional assistants, to refresh and enrich their ICDP programme expertise and to consolidate their professional knowledge.
- There are weekly meetings between the clinical psychologist/therapist and the kindergarten teachers, to discuss and adjust each child’s intervention plan.
- The staff coordinator meets regularly with the kindergarten teachers and also, separately, with these kindergarten teachers’ assistants.

 “Roda Viva” project’s structure in 2016:
Nursery: 18 Babies,
Preschool: 45 Children
30 school children (who come to Roda Viva every day after school, to receive support with homework, occupational activities and, when needed, also therapeutic support)
Young people: 80

“Roda Viva” Staff:
“Roda Viva” Director - 1
Vice Director and ICDP International Trainer - 1
Kindergarten Teachers – 4
Kindergarten Teachers’ Assistants - 5
Music Teacher - 1
Tai chi Teacher – 1
‘Capoeira’ Teacher – 1
African and Modern Dance Teacher - 1
Cleaner Assistant - 1
Speech Therapists – 2
Clinical Psychologists – 2
School Psychologist – 1,
Psychomotor Therapist – 2

Report by Daniela Dinis and Irina Mendes
Alfragide, 22 of February 2017