Short article published about ICDP

News about this recently published article comes from our colleague and ICDP trainer, Oksana Isaeva, from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
Volume 233, 17 October 2016, Pages 423–427
Fifth Annual International Conference "Early Childhood Care and Education", 12-14 May 2016, Moscow, Russia

"Early Psycho-social Intervention Program WHO/ICDP as an Effective Optimization Method for Child-parental Relationships", by Oksana M. Isaeva and Elena N. Volkova


This article investigates the problem of optimizing child-parental relationships with “Early psycho-social intervention program WHO/ICDP” in the Russian environment.

We conducted a study of 75 parents who have normally developing children from ages 0-7 (a total of 75 children) and took part in the ICDP program. Before participating in the ICDP program, the parents’ self-attitudes stay positive, but yet show some inner contradictions. The most controversial domain is power and influence, dominance and suppression as opposed to understanding and accepting a child.

The results show to us that the ICDP program has corrected the parents’ attitudes: it strengthens an educator's positive role for a parent, develops the positive image of a child, and improves positive parenting skills (understanding and accepting a child's wishes, interests and abilities; emotional self-control; positive regulation of a child's behavior). The program allows parents to find inner resources for optimization of child-parental relationships.

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