Significant development in Denmark

ICDP is officially recognized by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs.

Anne Linder, the founder of the ICDP Danish Center informs:

This year has been quite special because we have been approved by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs. ICDP has now been approved as a method by the Danish state to work with professional relational competence. It has also been possible to seek central funding from the state to disseminate and assure the quality of the ICDP program. 

We still work with families, teachers, social-workers, pedagogues, educators, managers, and a wide range of psychologists and therapists. All of them acknowledge the ICDP as the interpersonal engine room. When relationships are good – anything is possible. 

In 2019 we have certified 349 persons who have participated in our 21 educational classes all over Denmark including the Faroe Islands, and we have educated 33 new trainers and inherited 3 trainers from the two other providers. 

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