Somaliland team

The ICDP programme was attended by one hundred and fifty families in Hargeisa.

The Child Sensitive Social Protection project supports and engages the most vulnerable and marginalized IDP (Internally Displaced People) households in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The project is funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, through SC Finland. The project started in January, 2017 and will run till December 2021. 

It consists of the following key components:
-A “child grant” in the form of a cash transfer of $ 20 per month over a period of 48 months, to 300 households in three IDP settlements.
-“Cash Plus” activities focus on improved parenting practices and increased investment in children’s education, nutrition and protection.
-The project recognizes that a “child grant” alone is not sufficient to achieve positive outcomes for overall child development and wellbeing. It is within this approach that the ICDP parenting programme is considered a key component of the cash plus activities.

By December 2017, ICDP international trainer Atnaf Berhanu had completed the training of a group of 12 people as ICDP facilitators. This group was comprised of Save the Children staff, as well as staff from their partners and the ministry.

In 2018 the ICDP facilitators trained and reached 150 parents /caregivers in IDP camps. The ICDP programme, with its 8 guidelines for good interaction, was embraced and accepted by community and targeted caregivers, who often reported dramatic and significant changes for the better regarding their ways of parenting. The training will continue and a new group of 150 families will be attending the ICDP course during the coming year.

Fardus, (from the M.Moge IDP camp) is a participant of the ICDP course in Hargeisa, who said: “I used to beat my children but after receiving good parenting sessions, I changed my life and my behaviour towards children.”