Students trained in Bajo Verapaz

The work with the ICDP programme in Guatemala continues...

Julio Martinez, ICDP trainer and teacher by profession, has been working with the ICDP methodology for almost ten years now. He was employed by Plan Guatemala for many years and was leading a team involved in spreading the ICDP programme to hundreds of communities in the country. Recently (in July 2016) Julio sent a short update:

Since 2015, he has been involved in his latest initiative in Bajo Verapaz, which is to complete the ICDP training of 66 university students. Most of these students will later be involved in teaching and caring professions; some are studying neuroscience. Currently, the trained students are running ICDP courses for parents, and that work is part of the requirement for their certification in ICDP.

"Students found their ICDP work in the community very satisfying and the families who benefitted gave us very good feedback too. In general, the interest in ICDP has been ongoing and based on my own experience over time, I have become convinced that it is the solution for our country's future, by improving family relations and building a stronger society in the long run, in which children can be guaranteed love and security. I am applying to different organizations in the hope of raising more funds for ICDP " - Julio Martinez.

In Guatemala, another strong partner over the years has been the Aldeas Infantiles (Children's Villages) SOS Guatemala. ICDP was included in their overall programme for violence prevention and child protection. In addition to implementing ICDP in their children's villages and youth communities, their work also focused on using ICDP to sensitize staff working with children in a number of social and community centres.