Trainees from Mbulu

At the beginning of 2017, on 17-18th January a group of ICDP trainees  from Mbulu, Manyara Region visited Moshi, Tanzania.

The Mbulu group of 13 people is receiving ICDP training in order to become ICDP qualified facilitators and as part of that process they had conducted 4-6 meetings with caregivers in their geographic area, over a period of three and a half months since November 2016. Their visit to the Kiwakkuki organization in Moshi had the purpose of exchanging experiences and learning from their more experienced ICDP colleagues.

During the two day workshop, the trainees from Mbulu reported about their meetings with caregivers which were held in different places, in a church, in a local leader’s office and one group held the meeting in a house of one of the trainees. They gave presentations about their work with caregivers, explaining the content of their meetings with them and they also talked about the challenges they faced in their work. Two, three trainees presented together and after each presentation, a period was allocated for comments - all participated very actively in those discussions.

During the second day, the group had the opportunity of visiting a number of community based facilitators in Moshi who were trained initially as home visitors but later also as ICDP facilitators. It was a useful occasion as they shared experiences regarding their practical work with caregivers and in spite of some cultural differences there was common understanding with regards to ICDP.
The agenda of the 2-day workshop was completed as planned by the team including: Martha Moen, Guunar Eide, Egla Matechi and Verynice Monyo.

The group from Mbulu will complete a total of 8 meetings with caregivers by the end of January 2017 and after that they will attend an ICDP certification ceremony to be held in February 2017.