Trainer's letter from Mexico

The ICDP trainer in Puebla wrote a letter to ICDP chair about his new way of spreading the programme.

Dear Nicoletta,

I write to inform you that I have received many invitations to attend professional conferences in 2018 and each time I attended I made a presentation about the ICDP programme.
The conferences were usually attended by teachers, social workers and parents. However, although there was good demand for ICDP, I often did not find the time to follow up those individuals who showed interest to receive training and attend the 12 meetings for caregivers - so I decided to change my strategy. What I started to do now, is to create a team of ICDP facilitators, from those who at the conference show interest in ICDP. This means that they can subsequently take ICDP further, whereas I just supervise.
In line with this strategy I attended a conference earlier this year, where I presented ICDP to 120 people. After the conference I put together a group of 12 facilitators, although in the end only 7 people, (4 psychologists and 3social workers) continued and finished their ICDP process to become facilitators. Nevertheless, the 7 facilitators brought very good results, because this team has been using ICDP in 11 schools.   Each school has a population greater than 300 students per school and so ICDP has been reaching many families through schools. I will systematize this information and present it to you at the ICDP Latin America Network Meeting in November, which is organized by UNICEF and ISNA and which I know you will attend. In the meantime I send you a couple of photos from a conference and from my work with parents.

Warm greetings till then,
Jose Luis Flores Jimenez
 Psychologist and ICDP trainer in Puebla, Mexico