Training in Hawasa

A short update from ICDP trainer Atnaf Berhanu about her work in Ethiopia during the first few months in 2019.


In February 2019, I conducted an ICDP workshop at Facilitator level which started the training of a new group of professionals who work at the Women and Children Department of the Hawasa city.  Other participants included staff from their partner organizations. 
The training was opened by Mrs Emebet  Esaiyas, the head of the Department, and she underlined the relevance and importance of ICDP for their daily activities. She thanked me, in my role as the ICDP representative and trainer, for giving the training free of charge to their staff. There were 32 participants who work in different departments, like Child Protection, Social Workers and Legal Support Office. Their partners came from Bethany Christian Services Global, Shape Ethiopia Hawassa and Ajuuj Children Home Association. These organizations provide guidance to orphanages and to foster parents. The participants were actively engaged during the training and they gave good examples from their daily activities. The second part of training is planned for May 2019.

Network meeting:

A network meeting was attended by the previously trained facilitators in Hawasa. We discussed how to keep ICDP ongoing and how to get support from local church leaders. It was decided that I should hold an awareness raising seminar for the leaders of 12 churches during my visit in May 2019, in order to obtain their support for the work of the ICDP facilitators so that they can continue with ICDP activities in their respective churches.

Addis Ababa:

In Addis Ababa, I gave an introductory seminar to 250 people at a church congregation, which was held on the 18th of March, 2019. I spoke about the importance of working on the development of positive conceptions of the child as a foundation for creating good relations between parents/caregivers and their children. The response was positive and I was asked to come back for a follow up. 

On the 4th of March 2019, I was interviewed by one of the biggest private TV station on the purpose of ICDP and the content of training. This was seen by thousands of people and hopefully created awareness and interest in the  ICDP programme.