Training in Mbulu district

ICDP training of social workers in the Mbulu district, Manyara region, Tanzania has started with a successful workshop.

The ICDP workshop was held from 15th -18th September and it was attended by 9 social workers and 9 para professionals, who belong to the social worker union TASWO. ICDP trainers Gunnar Eide, Martha Moen and Verynice Monyo delivered the training.
The Regional Social worker was among the participants and he also formally introduced the workshop by emphasizing the Child Law Act on Triple P, i.e. the right to Provision, the right to Protection and the right to Participation.

The agenda covered key topics:
1. Introduction  of ICDP; 2. Conception of a child; 3. Redefinition; 4. Empathy; 5. Zone of empathy; 6. The emotional dialogue, the meaning and expanding dialogue, the regulative dialogue; 7. 8 guidelines for good interaction strengthened through role plays, testimonials, group work, questions and pictures

The photo below shows the participants in group work.

The workshop was well received by the participants who commented that the ICDP programme will make it easier in their work when dealing with the child and the family. They also explained that the new skill that they have received of rearing children in a respectful manner was very  important because, they said, they were harsh to their own children. The group felt committed to change for the betterment of their children.

The next workshop will take place on the 3rd of November 2016. As their home task, the group was asked to use their mobile phones to take pictures showing them in action while interacting with children.

After completing the ICDP training the trainees will later apply the ICDP programme in their daily work and will also start running ICDP sensitization meetings in order to train groups of caregivers in their working areas.

Report by Verynice Monyo, 23rd of September 2016