Training of facilitators in Georgia

Trainee facilitators were busy throughout October, November and December 2018.

They attended ten ICDP meetings which were conducted at the Tamar Gagoshidze’s Neuropsychology Center  in Tbilisi, Georgia. This group consisted of neuropsychologists, educational specialists, and mothers who had attended an ICDP course before. Their ICDP trainer is Nino Margvelashvili, a neuropsychologist who endeavoured to create an atmosphere of open-mindedness during the training, and encouraged participants to be receptive for new experiences and to consider each others' different perspectives. 

Right from the start, the unique struggles that mothers face in relation to their children set a point of challenge and interest for the whole team. After each home task the participants expressed their astonishment at the level of awareness it brought to their relationship with children and the whole team. The exploratory process of the ICDP themes and dialogues, video analysis, role plays and engaging games brought immeasurable rewards enhancing positive aspects of their relationship with their children as well as their spouses, promoting self-confidence and activating empathy.

Here are some of the reflections from two participants. 

Mother of four children: “Our meetings and the experience I went through here is helping me to rediscover the charm of motherhood, to savour positive emotions more than the struggles and to feel pleasure from everyday routines…”

 Mother of special needs child: “I started to imagine myself in my child’s place, consequently, to consider his interests and to avoid “ignoring” his initiatives. I started to overcome the difficulties in our relationship that were caused mostly by the lack of “emotional dialogue.” 

The next phase of training and supporting future facilitators will start in February 2019.