Update from Tanzania

Read the update about ICDP developments from Verynice Frederick, ICDP trainer at Kiwakkuki.

KIWAKKUKI is an NGO operating in the Kilimanjaro region, with many years of experience in service delivery devoted to people living with HIV and AIDS, including children, orphans and other vulnerable children. 

Over the last two years KIWAKKUKI has been running a project enabling children with HIV and AIDS to attend a Care and Treatment Clinic. These children are 0-6 years of age and their parents are invited to attend a course in ICDP. Parents receive support with their bus fares. 

The goal is to sensitize and support parents for good quality interaction with their children, to enhance children’s rights, well-being and early learning, as well as ensuring that the children attain birth certificates. 

The response by the parents has been very positive and they enjoyed participating in the ICDP sensitization meetings. So far 160 parents were reached and the project has also formed 16 new ICDP facilitators.