World Prematurity Day

On 18th of November 2016, in Explora Park, in Medellin, Colombia, ICDP took part in the “Dia Mundial del  Prematuro” (World Prematurity Day).

Each year World Prematurity Day is observed in November with the aim to sensitize the family and the community on the challenges and implications of preterm birth as a global public health problem. It involves more than 100 countries, with the support of UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The first international awareness day for preterm birth was created by European parent organizations in 2008. It has been celebrated as World Prematurity Day since 2011. Parent groups, families, health professionals, politicians, hospitals, organisations and other stakeholders involved in preterm birth observe this day with media campaigns, local events and other activities conducted on local, regional, national or international level to raise awareness among the public. Approximately 15 million babies are born preterm each year, accounting for about one in 10 of all babies born worldwide.

On the 18th November, in Medellin, a team of Specialists in Neuro-development took the initiative to join-in with the World Prematurity Day, not only to raise awareness about the problem of prematurity, but also to initiate an inter-institutional and inter-sectorial work that could provide guidance and support for premature infants and their families. The event proved to be very successful. Many organizations found it an excellent space for networking.  There was a lot of interest in continuing to work together and new doors may open for ICDP as a result. 

At this event 300 families had the opportunity to learn about ICDP. The ICDP team (Lucy Mejía Osorio, Rosa Angélica Díaz Pérez, Dora Calle, Amparo Jaramillo, Yolanda Tamayo and Carolina Montoya) prepared very beautiful materials for the ICDP stand, including an ICDP jigsaw puzzle, 300 sweets with a different meaningful message in each one, a poster, leaflets and a video - click here to see the photos and read their report in Spanish.

Lucy Mejía’s report made a recommendation for ICDP to join the network called “Red Sanar”: