In 2015, ICDP signed a training agreement with the Primary Health Care Education and Training Trust (PHC-ETT) in Lusaka, Zambia. Their main concern is reaching people who lack the resources to access and obtain quality health care services. 

PHC-ETT is a non for profit organization established in Zambia, in 2008, with the following mission statement:  To advance opportunities that help to build strong community health and well being responses and to helping making life better.  Webpage:

Their activities focus on two aspects: 1. Enhancing the delivery of primary healthcare related services through training and outreach activities. 2. Providing capacity building opportunities that are aimed bettering the quality and living standards of the  disadvantaged and key population groups.

Through collaboration with the ICDP programme the PHC-ETT has embarked on an ICDP training programme to help parents from diverse backgrounds develop positive relationships with their children. The aim is to help build a foundation for positive moral growth of children, including the ability for self-regulation. 

This project will also seek to train teachers with the view of transmitting the ICDP skills to students in schools and higher educational institutions.