Advances in China

The implementation of ICDP in China has been gathering momentum over the last twelve months. 

Fifteen ICDP certified trainers undertook the training of 124 new facilitators, 69 of these facilitators got their diplomas. The new facilitators gave training to 326 caregivers and as a result 2,078 children benefited from ICDP in China.   
A paper about the application of the 8 ICDP guidelines in a preschool was published in the China Early Child Education Magazine – it was written by a preschool teacher who is also a qualified ICDP facilitator. Another study about ICDP impact on minority population in Yunnan is currently being prepared by a qualified ICDP trainer.

A booklet for caregivers was prepared in Chinese and an ICDP cartoon was produced to accompany the booklet. In addition, three short films about ICDP application in different Chinese culture contexts were also made and these films were loaded on the official China video network.

ICDP China held its first annual conference in October 2017, which was attended by about 120 people, including facilitators, trainers, partner organizations and some of the caregivers. The theme of the conference was “Supporting each other”. The goal of the conference was to offer a platform for all those involved in ICDP in China to share their resources and establish a nationwide network.

The ICDP China webpage is almost ready for launching. It is prepared as a simple and user-friendly webpage that can function as a source of information to those who wish to learn more ICDP. The webpage is expected to be up and running sometime in February 2018. There will be an option for both English and Mandarin and the webpage will be divided into five sections:
• News and information about ICDP China – videos and photos
• List of verified facilitators/trainers
• Upcoming events – a calendar that shows planned activities and training schedules
• Information about ICDP international
• A research section where people can log in and post articles, share stories etc.
• Future plans for expansion, including a map of areas of the country where ICDP trainers and facilitators are already in operation