Live webcasting in China

Jin Qin, the ICDP China leader, explains:

During 2022, our ICDP work in China has been quite challenging. Many planned workshops and trainings had to be postponed or even cancelled because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

To keep the work moving forward, ICDP China first livestreamed on its video account on August 8, 2022, and since then we livestreamed 17 times. The first live broadcast had 640 viewers, whereas the highest number of viewers was 1,296, and the lowest was 70.

As it can be seen from this, ICDP China is gradually increasing its promotion efforts through webcasting. The live webcast keeps the relaxing and natural style of ICDP training. Bullet screen comments are responded to in a timely manner during the live webcast, and there are frequent interactions with viewers.

Some people commented happily on the bullet screen:

The live webcast is so good,  you can watch the playback at home even if you can’t come in person.


Three versions of ICDP printed in El Salvador

In the El Salvador two versions of the ICDP programme are being used: the original version for parents of young children and the new version for parents of adolescents.

In addition, the material of a third and newest version of the ICDP programme, which is designed for use by adolescents to act as facilitators to other adolescents, i.e., peer-to-peer, was made ready for printing during 2022. The review process of these materials has been completed by the autumn of 2022 and the printing will be completed by the end of the year. The design of the backpack (mochila) which contains the peer-to-peer version of ICDP has also been finalized.

Several young people were involved in the process of formulating and finalizing of the peer-to-peer version. They showed a lot of enthusiasm and excitement about the ICDP process and expressed willingness to become ICDP facilitators to their peers. The newest version of ICDP with its adapted materials will be used in 2023, in a pilot project whose aim is to test out and evaluate the application of the peer-to-peer programme.

Online training

Online training has been used successfully by trainers and facilitators in El Salvador. Face to face and virtual training are combined, with some advantages and disadvantages of each method. Through virtual training a greater number of people is being reached by the programme, whereas face to face training has deeper impact, through sharing, listening, and bonding. In 2022, staff of ISNA has been training with both versions of the ICDP programme (version for parents of younger children and for parents of adolescents) in this way. The aim is to work towards continuity, so parents are given both versions of the ICDP programme as their children grow up. The whole ICDP programme is in a digitalized format and this was mainly produced by ISNA but UNICEF helped to review it. Facilitators and trainers are using the digitalized material in their own training, as well as when training others. The digitalized version of materials contributes to sustainability. Families are given a link to an app with ICDP materials. It is possible that in future ISNA may share this app with others in Latin America.

New law and parenting programme in the country

For over ten year, Instituto Salvadoreño para el Desarrollo Integral de la Niñez y la Adolescencia (ISNA) has been the key organization responsible for rolling out the ICDP programme nationwide in El Salvador – and in order to facilitate this process ICDP had become institutionalized by ISNA several years ago. In 2022 a new law was passed by the government regarding children’s rights and one of the repercussions of the new law is that ISNA will cease to exist. From January 2023, a new institution will replace ISNA, although most of the work ISNA has been doing will continue as part of the new institution. During the year, the office of the First Lady has been conducting a survey with parents mapping home practices in order to ascertain how parents interact at home. This was done in view of the government aiming to standardize a parenting programme for the country. UNICEF and ISNA are working on including ICDP as part of the new parenting programme established by the government.


ICDP starts in the Ivory Coast

A new training project in the ICDP programme was started in Bondoukou and Tanda, in the Ivory Coast. This is a new initiative by Save the Children (SC).

The Ivory Coast represents the seventh country in which SC are applying the ICDP programme, as a central part of the implementation of SC’s Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) programme.

The new ICDP project will be rolled out by social actors, SC staff and the staff of its Rising Sun partner.

The first ICDP workshop was held in October 2022 and it was conducted by ICDP trainers Alimata Sidibe and Aubin Sanou, who were both trained earlier by Nicoletta Armstrong. Click here to read the workshop report in French.


ICDP in the care of older people in Norway

Update by Line Constance Holmsen, November 2022.

The implementation of ICDP in the care for older persons in Nursing Homes in Norway has been steadily progressing, despite a long period of having to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 2018, ICDP and the VID Specialized University have been cooperating with the nursing home called “Grefsenhjemmet” situated in Oslo.

The cooperation started with the training and certification of employees who could then facilitate the ICDP courses to their colleagues. So far, more than 70 of their nursing staff have been participating in ICDP courses, including the night nursing staff. 

One of the leaders at Grefsenhjemmet, Ingrid Blokhus, describes the ICDP work in this way:

“ ICDP is a practical course that focuses on relational competence and person-centred care. Our international nursing staff has many unique relational competencies that are valued, and accessed, through the ICDP process. Through active learning and by putting words to practice, these unique competencies are better connected to the Norwegian language, enriching and enhancing the quzlity of the care our residents receive and experience. “  

Photo is showing a group of nursing staff at Grefsenhjemmet in Oslo, including Emilan Barbu, the group facilitator, and Line Constance Holmsen, the representative for ICDP Norway and VID Specialized University.


ICDP in the Åland Islands

From the update by two ICDP trainers Klara Schauman-Ahlberg and Petra Zilliacus, who have trained staff from social services in the Åland Islands in Finland, we are informed that twenty people completed their ICDP basic training – see photo above. They received their certificates on the 22nd of November 2022, on the same day as their ICDP colleagues in Helsinki received their trainer diplomas.

“This engaged group of different social professionals in family interventions received, at the same time, the first snow and the final two days of training. We had some wonderful time together, shared many stories and pondered what positive caregiving looks like in practice.” – Petra Zilliacus.


New ICDP trainers in Finland

On 22nd of November 2022, a group of nine Finnish professionals received their ICDP Trainer level diplomas – on photo above.

The training of this new group started in 2021 and it was organized on the initiative of Hanna Sellergren, from the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters who has been involved with ICDP for many years and who is herself an ICDP trainer.

The new ICDP trainers are currently overseeing the roll out of the ICDP programme by facilitators in Helsinki, Turku, Lahti and Kokkola. The trainers formed over thirty facilitators who in turn are reaching out to over hundred families. This work is taking place under the umbrella of the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, an ICDP partner organization with over ten years of ICDP experience –

This ICDP work is targeting vulnerable families and children, focusing primarily on offering psychosocial assistance to women and their young children who visit or stay at their centres.

The certification workshop was held in the Sopukka centre, situated close to Helsinki and it was held by Nicoletta Armstrong from ICDP, who commented:

“This was a very pleasant workshop, since the whole group showed deep understanding, sensitivity, and enthusiasm for the ICDP programme. They reported about their projects which consisted of providing full ICDP training to new groups of facilitators. This new group of trainers represent a real asset to ICDP. Their professionalism, dynamic participation and sense of fun enriched the workshop and they brought many meaningful examples from their work and private lives. Congratulations to our new team of trainers, we wish you all the best in your future work!”


Potential new cooperation in Spain

Pau Gomes, the director of the Emotional Wellbeing Area, at the Nous Cims Foundation, contacted Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP chair to discuss possible future cooperation. There is interest in learning about ICDP by observing the work of ICDP in European context, and eventually starting projects together in Spain. Both organizations are emphasizing the importance of working on the emotional aspects in human relations and this among other, was a good point of reference in these early discussions.

In addition, there could be plans for shared work in Colombia, a country where both Nous Cims and ICDP operate. As a first step, the ICDP Colombia chair, Carmen Lucia Andreade, met up with Maria Chalaux and Jessica Corpas, from Nous Cims on 16th November. The meeting was held in Bogota, Colombia during which the essential aspects of the ICDP programme were presented, as well as sharing ideas about possible cooperation.

Nous Cims Foundation is a non-profit entity, that was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2015. It creates and develops innovative, transforming and sustainable social projects in the areas of employabilityemotional well-being and global development, with the objective of having an impact on the most vulnerable people, especially women, young people and children, in both the most immediate environment and in emerging countries.

Their mission is: Being a vehicle for generating long-lasting added value by supporting projects that have an impact on people in the areas of employability, emotional well-being and global development for the purpose of contributing to build a better world.

Nous Cims created the KOMTÜ Programme that promotes emotional and relational well-being of children in preschool and primary schools. The aim is to improve the emotional well-being of children by offering training and support to the teaching team over a period of 3 years. They are currently working in 14 schools in Barcelona.

They also have the KOA Programme that works with adolescents in the area of mental health prevention through experiences connected to their interests such as theatre, music, sports and adventure. 


Review of ICDP research

On the 11th of November 2022, ICDP foundation board member and researcher, Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar, gave a presentation at the ICDP Regional conference in Kathmandu. The title of her presentation was, Research on ICDP: Learnings of past and future opportunities.

Click here to read the presentation.


First ICDP workshops in Thailand

During the second half of 2022, Solveig Kristina Frivold, the mental health coordinator for HimalPartner in East Asia, has been organizing the start up of ICDP in Thailand.

On behalf of ICDP international, a team from ICDP Nepal has agreed to carry out a training programme for a group of facilitators, who were selected from different local organizations and who in turn will be instrumental in spreading ICDP by training groups of caregivers. The first workshop was conducted in September and the second was held in October.

“The training so far was a real success. Interest and passion for the training is growing among the participants. We have four participants from a Thai organization called Nexus. We have started translating the ICDP material to Thai. In our pilot group, we also have two Burmese participants who plan to conduct the caregiver groups in Burmese. So we will be translating the caregiver booklets to Burmese.” – explains Solveig.

One of the HimalPartner’s partner organizations will be selected to coordinate ICDP Thailand.

View this brief video featuring ICDP Thailand.


Photo report from Amanecer

The report describes the international celebration which marked 30 years since ICDP was registered as a foundation in Oslo, Norway.

Click here to read it.