Celebration in Colombia

OUR LEARNING CURVE – a celebrationton to mark 30 years of ICDP

2022 represents the 30th year since the founding of the ICDP Foundation in Oslo, Norway. It is therefore a special year for ICDP – as one of the founders I felt there was a need to mark this in some way.

As I have spent so many years travelling to and designing projects in Colombia, where I had the pleasure of working with an excellent team, where I discovered the power of the ICDP programme to reach out to the most humble communities, where for the first time I saw that ICDP can impact lives for the better, where thanks to the advice, support and guidance from UNICEF’s Manuel Manrique, as well as ongoing support from our business colleague Marzuki Andujar, ICDP reached over half a million children – for all these reasons I proposed to have a gathering at Amanecer, Quindio, Colombia. ICDP Colombia agreed and their team is now in the process of organizing the event, which will take place over a period of four days in November 2022. It will be attended by some of the key people from Latin America.

The theme of this even is «Our learning curve», with the idea to reflect together on our learnings and experiences with the ICDP programme. By doing that, we will of course be exploring different ways of «keeping the ICDP flame alive»!

Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP Foundation chair

Photo above, ICDP trainers, Anisah Andrade and Ilaina Ramirez introducing ICDP to a group at the Amanecer centre