Expansion of ICDP in Boyaca, Colombia

A successful expansion of the ICDP programme was seen in the department of Boyacá, as an initiative of the local government.

The largest ICDP project in Colombia during 2107 was the one developed in the department of Boyacá. The initiative came from the local government who decided to implement ICDP as part of their broader efforts to combat violence and promote peace and good treatment in families and communities of the Boyacá department. This new strategy which in 2017 spread to many areas of the department is known as “Soy Como Tu” (I am as you are).

The ICDP intervention reached 37 municipalities and 160 facilitators were trained in 2017. The implementation was coordinated by ICDP trainer Luis Fernando Lopez Cardozo, who works in the Boyacá government office. His 145 page long report is in Spanish, the results of this initiative look promising – click here to read