Feedbak from Tashkent

Click here to read the report with comments from different participants of the ICDP training in Uzbekistan.

From the report:

Feedback from parents

“During one of my visits to my relative, her baby started to cry, and could not stop; she just, cried and cried. Others who were present tried to make her stop but failed, so I decided to apply ICDP and said: Give the baby to me. As I held the baby in my arms, I started using the things I learned from the ICDP programme. I gently caressed the baby, establishing eye contact, and spoke to her as though she was an adult. Talking with a soft voice I said, I understand you have a stomach ache and it’s hard for you, but do not worry it will pass…. By me following the guidelines of ICDP the baby calmed down and stopped crying.”

“Thank you very much for the comfort and very warm atmosphere, for your invaluable knowledge given to us. For the fact that we began to understand our children better and learned to better cope with their tantrums. Also, thank you for teaching us to look at education from a different angle, to see a personality in children and to bring out the best sides and talents in them so that they can grow up to be self-sufficient and independent people……  At your seminars, I didn’t just gain new knowledge, but also improved myself.”

“I understood even better now how important it is for a child to have a resourceful and stable adult, how important it is for both parents to have a good and to act in the same direction, sometimes supporting and replacing each other. For myself, I am now looking for ways to replenish my resources, and of course I think a lot about how to improve communication in my family.”