First ICDP workshops in Thailand

During the second half of 2022, Solveig Kristina Frivold, the mental health coordinator for HimalPartner in East Asia, has been organizing the start up of ICDP in Thailand.

On behalf of ICDP international, a team from ICDP Nepal has agreed to carry out a training programme for a group of facilitators, who were selected from different local organizations and who in turn will be instrumental in spreading ICDP by training groups of caregivers. The first workshop was conducted in September and the second was held in October.

“The training so far was a real success. Interest and passion for the training is growing among the participants. We have four participants from a Thai organization called Nexus. We have started translating the ICDP material to Thai. In our pilot group, we also have two Burmese participants who plan to conduct the caregiver groups in Burmese. So we will be translating the caregiver booklets to Burmese.” – explains Solveig.

One of the HimalPartner’s partner organizations will be selected to coordinate ICDP Thailand.

View this brief video featuring ICDP Thailand.