ICDP and Save the Children Nepal

The ICDP method is conceptualized as an intervention to be added to the Save the Children’s current Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) programme, in an effort to ensure better psychosocial development outcomes for children. It is expected for ICDP to become an integral part of the CSSP and to complement the existing economic interventions in the deprived communities in which Save the Children Nepal is currently working.

The objective of the new project is to train a group of 16 people in the ICDP programme and to continue with the training until they become ICDP approved facilitators. The group attended their first ICDP workshop in April and showed a lot of interest in the methodology. They are currently trying out the ICDP guidelines for good interaction in relation to their children, as a first step in training. The next step will be to enable them to deliver ICDP sessions to caregivers in three different communities at some distance from Kathmandu – that experience will also serve as a pilot project. The 16 participants are comprised of Save the Children staff members, as well as members of their implementing partner organizations.

“My visit to Kathmandu in April 2017 was an opportunity not only to start the training of a new group linked to Save the Children, but also to meet the previously trained ICDP team at the Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC) and their leader Reiny de Wit, a person of great vision and talent. ICDP has been developing through ECEC for over two years in Kathmandu. ECEC has many years of experience in teacher training and their work is based on a philosophy close to ICDP’s, ICDP they encourage and focus teachers to adapt and respond to the perceived needs of children. I spent several hours with the 14 trainee trainers at the ECEC who shared touching stories illustrating how ICDP had impacted positively the families they are working with. It was evident that they found ICDP to be a useful tool, as well as one they enjoyed using. ICDP trainers from the ECEC will now take over and continue the training of the Save the Children group. So this new training project represents a cooperation between ICDP, ECEC and Save the Children Nepal.” – Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP.

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