ICDP at the psychology institute in Denmark

ICDP is going strong again at the Institute for Relational psychology. We had to postpone many courses during the time when we were badly affected by Corona virus pandemic. We tried to work on-line but we experienced more problems than opportunities. Therefore, we are now very glad, that in Denmark there no restrictions any longer, and that we can meet together in person in the autumn 2021. 

We had to postpone our Nordic conference several times and are now holding our breath that everything will take place as planned in November 2021 – Our Kee Note speaker is the American psychologist, Kenneth Gergen who will speak about the importance of relationships.

We are working with ICDP in different areas of Denmark. Currently, we are working in cooperation with the organization Save the Children in a project called “From Escape to Schooling”. We are educating Danish teachers in ICDP, and the aim is to include children of refugees into Danish Schools. 

Another great project is called “ICDP and Turning Tables” and in this project we are educating staff who are working in Turning Tables. Turning Tables is a global non-governmental organization working to empower marginalized youth in different global contexts by providing them with the means to process their challenges, hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow, through Creative Arts, music, and film. These projects are very good examples how we, in the Institute, are working for the mission of ICDP by reaching children, youth and families, and by aiming to provide for human care through activating empathy and by building caregivers’ competence.

– Annette  Groot, ICDP rep and trainer.