ICDP China report

ICDP China leader, Jean Qin, informs of activities in 2021:

ICDP promotes the improvement of the quality of parent-child interaction, gender equality, and seeing the child as a person with their own rich inner life. This last part is quite controversial in China, and from the onset of introducing ICDP to China we have seen the positive effects of drawing attention to this; people start recognizing their own inner child and draw on these emotions to improve their parenting.

ICDP Training:

4655 caregivers have completed training in 2021.

Besides the parents, many of the caregivers are teachers and social workers who can reach many children in their daily work. A total of 381 professional caregivers were trained in 2021. About 50% of trained caregivers were people from minority groups.

267 new facilitators completed training at facilitator level.

5 trainers received online training from an ICDP international trainer in 2021.

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