ICDP courses at a university in Russia

ICDP training is going to be offered at a pedagogic university in Russia.

At the end of February 2018, Dr Oksana Isaeva, ICDP representative for Russia, had a meeting with the Chancellor of the Minin University (Pedagogic University) in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

It was an important meeting for ICDP and as a result it was agreed to start working on incorporating ICDP at the University. This would be achieved by offering ICDP training to professionals involved with the master programme – starting from next year. The long term plan is to form groups of ICDP facilitators at the university who would subsequently work with parents and specialists in pre-schools, schools and social centers.

There is also great interest in organizing international meetings (conference and education sessions) together with ICDP.

In addition, Oksana would like to invite academics worldwide who are working with the ICDP programme at different universities to link up with the Minin University. Her idea is to establish collaboration in order to explore some scientific questions relevant to the ICDP parenting programme.

Oksana M. Isaeva and Elena N. Volkova wrote a article on ICDP: “Early psycho-social intervention program WHO/ICDP as an effective optimization method for child-parental relationships”.