ICDP in Zissegre village

The photo above shows an ICDP meeting with parents in Zissegre, a village in the commune of Dargo in the Province of Namentenga, North Central Region of Burkina Faso.

“The school principal in this village acknowledged that students whose parents follow the parenting skills programme have very good results in class. They are actively involved in their class activities and have good grades.”

– says Lea Aubin Sanou, ICDP trainer at Save the Children Burkina Faso.

Aubin has trained the ICDP facilitators who have been working with these parents. He is currently in the field offering supervision and support to different groups of facilitators and parents.

Alimata Sidibe, is the other ICDP trainer at Save the Children and she cooperates closely with Aubin – together they are spreading the ICDP programme to different parts of the country. They are forming and supporting several teams of facilitators linked to Save the Children projects. Save the Children adopted the ICDP programme and adapted it to the cultural context of the country.

Alimata commented:  “This is a nice testimony from the school principal – what a comfort to know that the programme is helping to save lives.“