Potential new cooperation in Spain

Pau Gomes, the director of the Emotional Wellbeing Area, at the Nous Cims Foundation, contacted Nicoletta Armstrong, ICDP chair to discuss possible future cooperation. There is interest in learning about ICDP by observing the work of ICDP in European context, and eventually starting projects together in Spain. Both organizations are emphasizing the importance of working on the emotional aspects in human relations and this among other, was a good point of reference in these early discussions.

In addition, there could be plans for shared work in Colombia, a country where both Nous Cims and ICDP operate. As a first step, the ICDP Colombia chair, Carmen Lucia Andreade, met up with Maria Chalaux and Jessica Corpas, from Nous Cims on 16th November. The meeting was held in Bogota, Colombia during which the essential aspects of the ICDP programme were presented, as well as sharing ideas about possible cooperation.

Nous Cims Foundation is a non-profit entity, that was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2015. It creates and develops innovative, transforming and sustainable social projects in the areas of employabilityemotional well-being and global development, with the objective of having an impact on the most vulnerable people, especially women, young people and children, in both the most immediate environment and in emerging countries.

Their mission is: Being a vehicle for generating long-lasting added value by supporting projects that have an impact on people in the areas of employability, emotional well-being and global development for the purpose of contributing to build a better world.

Nous Cims created the KOMTÜ Programme that promotes emotional and relational well-being of children in preschool and primary schools. The aim is to improve the emotional well-being of children by offering training and support to the teaching team over a period of 3 years. They are currently working in 14 schools in Barcelona.

They also have the KOA Programme that works with adolescents in the area of mental health prevention through experiences connected to their interests such as theatre, music, sports and adventure.