Project in Canada

A new ICDP project was started in Toronto, Canada, in cooperation with the Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora church members. It was initiated by Atnaf Berhanu ICDP trainer from Norway.

“At the end of September 2022, about 65 Ethiopian and Eritrean parents attended the ICDP parental guidance workshop over a period of seven days. All parents showed a lot of interest and held lively group discussions. At the end of the course, they gave good feedback and unanimously agreed that for them it was important to work on maintaining good quality interactions with their children and that ICDP was therefore of great help to them.

Photo: facilitators during virtual training

Another positive result of this work was that 10 individuals registered themselves for ICDP Facilitator level online training. It was agreed to hold meetings on Zoom once a week, each meeting lasting 3 hours. Due to very different time zone between Canada and Norway, we could not have more than that. So far, they have covered part one of the training. We agreed to continue with the second part of the training after the New year.” – Atnaf Berhanu.