June 2022 summary of activities in Stafford

October 2021 update

Early developments:

The first ICDP office was set up in England in 1991 and after one year it was moved to Norway. The UK office has since then continued to share tasks and cooperate closely with the Oslo head office. 

Nicoletta Armstrong became the ICDP Fondation chairperson in 2011 and ongoing. Every year Nicoletta holds training workshops and meetings for international groups.


1991 – 1993 ICDP training courses for parents in Hertfordshire

1992 – ICDP training courses for preschool teachers from the London League of Preschools

1994 – ICDP cooperation with the British Council for Refugees on a psychosocial recuperation project for Bosnian refugee parents and children

1994 – 1996 seminars and training in ICDP for health professionals from Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia

1996 – ICDP work with the Institute of Psychiatry, London University, on a UNICEF sponsored, psychosocial intervention programme in Bosnia

1996 – ICDP trainings and cooperation with the British Consortium for Street Children, on projects in Indonesia and Colombia

1996 – 1997 ICDP together with UK office of Worldview International developed projects in Armenia, Colombia

1997 – 1998 ICDP courses for parents in Buckinghamshire in partnership with the Catholic Church

1998 – 2000, ICDP in cooperation with SD Britain developed projects in Ukraine

1999 – ICDP training for professionals from education and social services

2002 – cooperation with Everychild UK and the Pertinox group, ICDP training of staff at Centre for Children’s Social Adaptation, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
1992 onwards – INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPSFrom the beginning, ICDP workshops at international level have been taking place in England on a yearly basis. In 2012-2015 there were workshops for participants from Russia, Norway, Ghana, Belarus, Denmark, Holland, England, Japan, Colombia and USA. 
ICDP AND WHOInternational Child Development Programme (ICDP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) re-established cooperation. On 22-23 of July, 2014, Nicoletta Armstrong, the ICDP chair, attended the Technical Working Group Meeting on Parent Skills Training for Developmental Disorders that took place at WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference was held at Loudwater farm venue 14 – 16th of September 2012. It was attended by representatives from 14 countries, from more than half of the countries where ICDP has an active program. They gave power-point presentations and discussed ways to unite the network, using strategic planning sessions in between the country presentations.

The strategic planning was carried out with the ICDP Foundation Board members to outline a work plan for the next few months as well as a vision for the next 5 years. Valuable input from visiting consultants on fundraising and partnerships was used to great advantage during the sessions. The Confirmit software, a new software package especially donated to the ICDP Foundation was introduced with the idea to use it in the future through the ICDP Foundation website as a way to simplify project monitoring and research evaluations, as well as to provide a platform for ICDP network members’ interactions. The present chair, Nicoletta Armstrong and all the ICDP international network participants paid tribute to the ICDP founder Karsten Hundeide who passed away in September 2011. They watched a video of Karsten explaining the ICDP key principles of facilitating, empowering and building on the positive.

An impressive multicultural and diverse picture of ICDP worldwide was built up over the three days by sharing experiences from all over the world. Most experienced a shared feeling of inter-connectedness and certain “family like” closeness characteristic of the ICDP spirit of “empathy in action”. The board had the opportunity to come together and reinforce its resolve to coordinate the expansion of ICDP taking forward the ICDP messages of human compassion.

In 2015, ICDP training began of a group of professionals linked the SarahNicco Training Centre in north London. The SarahNicco centre was founded in 2012, as a state registered training provider working with the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education. It offers tuition for vocational and professional courses and it is managed by experienced lecturers and assessors in further education. The Centre is proud of its high standard of teaching. The SarahNicco centre has access to a local radio station and this will be one of the ways to raise awareness and promote ICDP courses in the community; the Centre will offer the ICDP programme as a parenting course delivered at their own premises.

2016: Nicoletta Armstrong attended the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland – read more about it here.