Report 2022 from Botswana

Photo: ICDP facilitators in Gabane village

The Ark and Mark Trust has been a beneficiary of the Department of Social Protection (DSP) through the funding received to reach out to more localities in Botswana as parenting continues to be a challenge across the country.

Following the facilitators training in Ramotswa village in February 2022, new facilitators were trained in Gabane and Molepolole villages respectively, through funding from DSP. This brings the implementation of ICDP to a total of 4 villages in Botswana: Ramotswa, Gabane, Molepolole and Thamaga.. There are 50 new ICDP facilitators (40 female and 10 male) and 470 parents and 2012 children were reached with the ICDP programme.

Facilitators appreciated ICDP during training as they experienced their own transformation and witnessed it in their   fellow facilitators and families as well. One facilitator shared how she used to be strict and was known in the neighbourhood for such, and her children even named her “pit bull”. She has changed, and the community and other facilitators attested to it. Some of her neighbours expressed positive shock by the deep transformation they witnessed in her. This facilitator now finds it easy to reach out to difficult children in her neighbourhood, and enjoys imparting knowledge to parents.

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