Report from Ethiopia

Several ICDP workshops for new facilitators took place in Hawassa, Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar, in February and March 2020.

 Hawassa and Addis Ababa: A group of 16 social workers from the Women and Children Affairs organization completed their ICDP facilitator level training and received their certificate on 7th of March 2020. Together they trained 80 caregivers and parents, while each caregiver was responsible for 10 to 20 children. Most of the trained caregivers work with disadvantage children in need of special care and protection.

The feedback from caregivers was positive according to Atnaf Berhanu, ICDP trainer: “The eight guidelines for good interaction gave caregivers a good orientation and as a result they started to practice new ways of interacting with the children in their care. The topic of how to follow the child’s initiative was found to be particularly important. One mother said that her daughter wanted to be a pilot, but she wanted her to be a medical doctor. After attending the ICDP sensitization meetings the mother said that she started to see the importance of following her daughter’s lead. 

I also held the second part of the ICDP training, both in Hawassa and in Addis Ababa. After the first training all participants made a short film of their own interaction with their children and/or with children of relatives. When we met, we watched the films together and we shared opinions through discussions about what we observed – and this helped most participants to understood the guidelines better. Most of the participants reported that the first ICDP training cycle had helped them to change their attitude towards children. One participant of ICDP training said:“This training is not only helping us to have a good interaction with our children, it is also helping us to consolidate a good interaction with our partners and colleagues at workplace.”

The two groups of facilitators, in Hawassa and in Addis Ababa, were motivated to continue with ICDP training and they will be recruiting 160 new parents and caregivers for training in the ICDP programme.

Bahir Dar: ICDP training has also started in Bahir Dar. The participants came from different parts of the region. Many came from far away, up to 6 hours’ drive by public transport. At the workshop all participants shared stories linked to their childhood experiences. They said that the ICDP training was very relevant for their communities and could help them to raise their children with love and understanding. They emphasized the importance of helping parents to see their children as persons and to guide them so that they can develop well. Many participants said they were determined to apply ICDP when they return home.