Training in Boyaca, Colombia

On the 16 of August 2021, ICDP trainer Luis Fernando started to conduct virtual and face-to-face trainings with 3 different groups of professionals who are all linked to the Secretariat of Health.  The purpose of the training is to strengthen and follow up facilitators who have been delivering the ICDP programme to families in all of the 123 municipalities of the department. The roll out of the ICDP programme is supported by Martin Barrera, the Secretary of Health. Most of the participants of the recent trainings are psychologists.


Since 2004, ICDP has been present in the Department of Boyacá, where the ICDP programme was initially implemented as part of a wider peace promoting strategy by UNICEF. When the Governor of the Boyacá department launched the project, he said that ICDP represented an important contribution towards the future development of the Colombian society and that ICDP was officially adopted as a long-term strategy. In 2008, the Colombian national award for human rights was given to the Boyacá department for their work with ICDP, the programme had  at that time reached 50 000 families.