Update from Sweden

Change in the composition of the board: The Board of Directors of the ICDP Sweden Foundation has a new chair. After several years of greatly committed work in her role as chair, Annelie Waldau resigned in June 2022 and Veronica Kindbom was elected in her place. Grete Flakk, who contributed with her knowledge and experience from Norway, also stepped down and was replaced by Jenny Jakobsson Lundin.

The home page: ICDP Sweden is continuing to work on the development of their website. Among other things, the plan is to create a forum with the focus on sharing and highlighting good examples from ICDP practice. Educators from all over the country will be given the opportunity to talk about their ICDP work. The request will primarily go to educators, but guidance counsellors will also be targeted to talk about their work in their respective activities and municipalities. This aim is to inspire colleagues across the country, through raising awareness and networking. The ICDP Sweden board has already been receiving feedback from those working with the ICDP programme in different ways – and  the idea is to unite the network and work together.

Autumn 2022 training dates:

Basic ICDP training at caregiver level: It is taking place in Gothenburg on the 20-21st of September and 18-19th October. In Stockholm the training is on 28-29th of September and 25-26th of October.

Facilitator level training: It is to be held in Stockholm on 10th of November 2022, and it will continue in January, March and April 2023.

The training of trainers will start in Stockholm, on the 20th of October. In addition, ICDP Sweden is hosting a digital trainer meeting on 11th of November.