A group from Venezuela has asked for training in ICDP.

The very first steps for the introduction of ICDP in Caracas were made in the second half of 2017, when Trina Frometa, a Venezuelan living in USA, started to work with Nicoletta Armstrong. She then received training in the basics of ICDP to enable her to present the main ideas of the ICDP programme to other interested parties.

Trina is an award winning Venezuelan choreographer who has worldwide recognition through over 50 acclaimed international choreographic presentations. In 1995 she founded the Contemporary Dance Company “Proyecto Movimientos” and has been working as the artistic director ever since. In USA she has been using dance therapy in relation to Parkinson’s disease sufferers. For months now, Trina has been actively seeking and successfully obtaining support for families and children in Venezuela at a time of great need in that country, but more recently she has assumed the role of an ICDP ambassador – in the sense that she is trying to take the ICDP programme to her country.

Upon her temporary return to Caracas in April 2018, Trina will present the main content of the ICDP programme to a group of professionals who expressed interest to become ICDP trained. Afterwards, ICDP would organize a more systematic training processes for those who definitely commit to the entire ICDP training process.