Vestfold Mental Health Care Trust (PiV) is a mental health institution with a department for children and young people in Vestfold, Norway. PiV has been implementing a project called “ Psychosocial Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children “ in Malawi in cooperation with local partners, such as the Chisomo Children's Club and the Alinafe Community Hospital. The project was coordinated by the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA).

The Alinafe Community Hospital is a rural district hospital, which promotes a community based approach and runs a Nutrition and Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) and an Orphan Care Program. There are 126 villages and about 6000 orphans registered in Alinafe's catchments area. In most of the villages there are Community Based Child Care Centres (CBBCs), run by volunteers and supported by social workers from Alinafe. The children at CBBCs are aged between 3 to 8 years old, some are orphans and many are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic; the older children are unable to attend school due to poverty and lack of support.

In 2010, a small team of ICDP trainers from PiV ran two ICDP training workshops for social workers and volunteers involved in the work at the CBCCs and the NRU.

The ICDP approach was applied in building sensitive and caring relationships and interaction particularly with children suffering from malnutrition and neglect. There was an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants who successfully integrated ICDP in their daily work.

After this initial experience, PiV prepared a new 3-year project in cooperation with the Norwegian Church Aid, which includes further training in ICDP for workers at Alinafe Community Hospital and Chisomo Children’s Club.

2012: There are 40 facilitators and 3 trainers. 177 village leaders and 184 community members have been oriented in ICDP. 144 caregivers have participated in ICDP sensitization groups run by Malawi facilitators. Approximately 1000 children were reached.

There are regular field visits to Chizomo and Alinafe by PiV and NCA employees to follow up ICDP implementation on the ground.


The ICDP work continues - for updates see Newsletters and Annual reports in the Download section of this website.